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Wool Diaper Covers: The Best Natural Fiber Cloth Diaper Cover

If you are looking for the best option in all natural fiber diaper covers, look no further.  In fact, wool diaper covers are the only cloth covers that are all natural.  They are also naturally antifungal, and they have wear-resistant fibers.  But the benefits of wool don’t stop there.  It’s really a miracle fiber.

One of the great things about wool is its breathability.  This is typical of natural fibers.  Why is this beneficial to your baby?  Since wool covers breathe, more air  is getting to your baby’s skin, which helps prevent diaper rash.  This also means odors are less likely to build up.  Wool is a natural odor sucker!

Bacteria is unable to grow in wool because of its antimicrobial nature.  This is another factor that helps with odor control.  This also means that you don’t have to wash the diaper covers over and over again.  If it’s wet, you can simply swap it out for a clean one, hang the wet one to dry, and you can use it again.  I found that amazing when we first started using wool covers for our cloth diapers.

Does Not Wick
Unlike fleece, which lines many pocket diapers, wool does not wick.  Now, I’m not knocking fleece for its ability to wick wetness away.  That definitely has its purpose, like in liners for cloth diapers, which we used often for our night time cloth diapering system.  But wool absorbs a bit of the moisture, and holds onto it.  It doesn’t transfer it on to other materials.  What this means is that if your baby pees at night, the wool diaper cover will hold the moisture and not wick it onto your bedsheets.  For a natural fiber cloth diaper cover, this is huge!

The Cloth Diapers Expert Favorites:
Our favorite wool diaper covers are the Imse Vimse Wool Cover and the Little Beetles Wool Little To Big.  You could potentially use the Little Beetles from newborn to potty trained, if you take care of them.  One downside is that they wear a little big–a bit bulky.  The Imse Vimse fit a little better.

Caring For Wool Diaper Covers
As with all cloth diapers, it is important that you follow the care instructions.  Wool takes some special care though, because it should be properly lanolized.  Lanolin is the natural waterproofing on sheep’s wool.  You will need to restore it once in a while   I suggest you check out How To Care For Wool Diaper Covers to get the full scoop.

All in all though, wool covers are a great way to go.  Yes, you will have to lanolize them once in a while, which may seem like a pain.  but considering that otherwise you will have to wash them very little, you can see why wool is a fantastic choice.

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