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What Are Your Kid’s Favorite Cloth Diapers?

While I have blathered on post after post about my favorite cloth diapers, or which accessories I think you should use, not once have I talked about which diapers my daughter likes best.

I suppose it makes sense that I haven’t included her feelings on the matter because up until recently, she wasn’t verbal enough to let us know what diapers she really wants to wear.  I will say that in all of the other cloth diaper blogs I have read, I rarely hear what the kiddies like.

Color Is MOST Important

It has come to my attention that colors are quite important in a toddler’s choice of diaper.  Actually, it goes beyond color.  Hue and tone seem to be important, though they won’t be able to explain that. They just like like they like, want what they want and let you know in no uncertain terms.

In other words, rich, bright colors are key.  That is why, though we love bumGenius One-Size and Fuzzibunz One Size best, she is partial to the few Happy Heiny’s that we have.

Every time I tell her we have to change her diaper or put a diaper on, she says “Blue bopper.”  Bopper is her word for diaper.  And although we have a few blue Bumgenius and Fuzzibunz, I know every time that she means the Happy Heineys.  If it’s not the blue one, then it’s the yellow one she wants.  The colors on these two are just so nice and bright and deep.  After all, we have blue in the other brands, but she specifically likes the Happy Heineys.

Mind you, I was not thrilled at first with the fit and style of snapping on these diapers.  But now that it has become our go to diaper, I have grown to like them.  They are really soft, and now that she’s a little older, they fit my daughter much better.

Maybe Just A Phase, But She Likes What She Likes

I’m not sure how long this phase will last.  Actually, today she asked for pink, and pointed to one of our Grovia fitteds.  Perhaps she’ll have some new favorites pretty soon.  Clearly, cloth diapers can be fun

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