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FuzziBunz: The Cloth Diaper That Keeps Coming Up

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What I love about these diapers is what I know most parents who use them agree with:

  • The inner layer is made of a fleece that outshines most synthetic pocket diapers for softness. We use BumGenius 4.0 diapers as well, but Fuzzibunz are definitely softer.
  • They are a really slim fit, so you’ll avoid that extra bulging that usually comes along with cloth diapering.  You will be able to get jeans on, much like you would with a disposable diaper.   Because of the slim fit, you can even double stuff the pocket for extra absorbency (if you have a heavy wetting baby, or for nighttime), and still have a decent fit.  I have only used this for nighttime, but other parents I have talked to have done the double stuff with success during the day.
  • Super easy to use.  This is a real benefit if cloth diapering is important to you, but you need to leave your baby with a babysitter or family member that is unfamiliar with cloth diapering.  Fuzzibunz are so simple to get on and off, and the concept is really easy.  They can either swap out the insert, which easily slips out of the back of the diaper, or they can swap out the whole diaper, like they would a disposable.  They can simply put the diaper in the diaper pail with no mess.  Just separate the insert from the cover when washing.
  • Waterproof covers that kick butt! You can use your dryer! Although I tend to line dry all of my diaper covers, perhaps out of habit, I have gone stretches where I dried these in the dryer.  They have held up.  I have never had leaking issues.  Apparently, the PUL on these covers is industrial, and able to handle the heat.  I do recommend using a tumble dry setting, rather than a high heat.  It’s not just superstition…The manufacturers recommend this on their site at Fuzzibunz.com.
  • They are durable. They handle well through many washes, and most importantly, the snaps last.  I have yet to have a snap break (I had one break on our BumGenius 4.0s, although those have strong snaps too).

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This diaper allows you to adjust the size from 7-35 lbs., with all sorts of leg and waist adjustments as well.  This is absolutely awesome, considering you theoretically could buy your set of diapers and be set until your baby is potty trained.  Of course, with most one size diapers, they are a bit bulky in the early infant sizes.  But our daughter grew into them nicely by about 6 or 7 months, as she did with our BumGenius.

Great For Chunky Legs!

One final bonus is that, when we were having trouble finding diapers that fit our daughter’s chunky legs really well, Fuzzibunz pulled through.  The adjustable snaps are where it’s at.  Also, the durable elastic around the legs was key in fitting–not so snug that they would leave marks, like several of our other diaper covers did before. Overall, we are extremely happy with these diapers…Top in our rotation!

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