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Attitude Compostable Diapers

A few weeks ago I was excited to announce that I had found compostable disposable diapers.

Quick flashback: We have been using disposables at nighttime because we had experienced a few leaks with some of our cloth diaper systems.  One thing to note is that as our daughter weans we expect less peeing at nighttime in terms of both frequency and volume.  At that point we would switch back to cloth.

I had mentioned about Broody Chick 100% Compostable Diapers and how I am very interested in trying them, especially because they got such great reviews.

The thing that held me back from getting them was price.  Our budget has gotten a bit tighter, and we certainly don’t want to spend extra on things that are just getting thrown away.

Enter ATTITUDE Eco-Friendly Diapers.  These are also fully biodegradable and compostable.  They are 100% FSC Certified wood pulp in fluff, and 100% chlorine free Hypoallergenic.  The packaging is even biodegradable.

So what sold me on these?  I’ll be honest: price.  Although Broody Chick gets rave reviews, they cost $17.99 for a 32 count.  Compare that with Attitude which are $18.99 for 40 diapers.  Okay, so not a huge difference.  But when you’re on a budget, every penny counts.

The great thing about Attitude Diapers is that we are able to balance our need to be cost effective with our strong desire to be eco-friendly.

Now, although the reviews were mixed for Attitude diapers, we are finding them to work great and suit our needs.

One complaint was that the tabs ripped off very easily, and often came off when taking them out of the package.  I have never found this to be the case so far.  Perhaps knowing that people complained about that, I have taken care when I remove the diapers from the packaging.  I also take car as I am putting them on (and I make sure my daughter does not open and close the tabs repeatedly as she so often loves to do :) ).

One other complaint is that they are not soft.  I’m not saying they are super soft.  I just don’t think they are uncomfortable for my daughter.  I am much happier putting a diaper on her that I know is healthy for her.

Final Note: Remember to be truly biodegradable you need to use compostable diapers with compostable bagsor compostable trash bags.

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